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| In this edition: Could a Micro Site be Right for Your Business?|

WSI Inside Edge


Could a Micro Site be Right
For Your Business?

Welcome to the latest edition of the Inside Edge--your monthly report on Internet trends and advancements that can turn your business into a more profitable e-Business!

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Versatile, Affordable, and Quick to Launch -
a Micro Site Could be
Just What Your Business Needs

While there is certainly a need for complex websites with advanced features, flash animation, and complex navigation, many businesses are starting to realize the benefits of micro sites – simple, easy to create websites that can be used for many different purposes. Micro sites are small, often with less than five linking pages, and are normally made using site-builder technology and pre-made templates, as opposed to being created from scratch. While some would argue that micro sites have limited functionality, in fact, it is the simplicity of micro sites that makes them so versatile.

How Can Your Business Use a Micro Site?

1. As a Simple Internet Solution

You understand the importance of establishing a Web presence for your business, but don't require a site with complicated coding, extensive pages, or sophisticated e-Commerce shopping carts. Micro sites are cost-effective for a business that just wants to get online. Micro sites can still be optimized with key words to achieve good search engine rankings and promote site visitors to help your business be found. If your business doesn't need a complicated site with technologically-advanced functions, a micro site could be all you really need to develop an effective Web presence.

2. As a Starter Site

If you're waiting for a custom-built solution, but don't want to miss out on potential sales and leads in the interim, a micro site is a good option for you. In addition, they can also help you get a head start with Search Engine Optimization. They are generally quick to get up and running, often in less than 48 hours, so you can get your business online now, and wait while your main site is being developed. Since micro sites are so affordable, the extra cost for your business will be minimal, and the site will ensure that you are online when your customers want to find you. Once your full-service site is built, you can repurpose your micro site for other uses, as are outlined below.

3. As an Internal Site for Employees

Micro sites make perfect internal sites to house information for your staff that you don't want to put on your main public site such as company updates, or to house photo galleries and employee appreciation features.

4. To Showcase Seasonal Promotions

Many businesses feature seasonal promotions or sales, but don't want to make changes to their main website for short-term promotions. If your business routinely has seasonal sales or promotions, you can design a micro site that you can repurpose to suit each occurrence. Use it to showcase your Back to School promotions and products, then repurpose the site with new content for your New Year's promotions!

5. As a Landing Page for your Main Site

Landing Pages can help you measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Businesses spend a considerable amount of money on advertising for traditional media (such as print, radio, or television). However, it is not easy to accurately measure the results of these ads. Distinguishing the source of extra traffic to your website is next to impossible to do without the use of landing pages. By creating a distinct page that is not directly connected to your home page, you can use the landing page URL in your advertisements, and accurately measure the number of visitors to the page as a direct result of your campaign.

6. To Test Offers

To expand on point five, the functionality of landing pages can be taken one step further through split testing. Creating two separate landing pages is an effective way to split test (or A/B test) promotions. Split testing exposes visitors of landing page A to one offering, while visitors to landing page B receive an alternate version where one element has been changed (such as wording, pricing, or product placement). You are then able to track the effectiveness of each offer by recording the number of customer conversions (sales) specific to each landing page offer. Split testing will make your future campaigns more effective, since you can use these results as a benchmark.

Internet solutions like the WSI ASAP system can be used to create a micro site for your business. WSI ASAP is classified as a quick-deploy product, meaning that the site can be created and online in 48 hours or less. This affordable solution with its wide selection of available templates could be the perfect fit for your business. To determine your specific needs and create an effective online presence, contact your local WSI Consultant and start profiting from the Internet today.

This edition of the Inside Edge has been brought to you by Ron McArthur, Certified Internet Consultant.

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